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Mahjiang Strategies

Mahjiang Strategies

Mahjiang, like Poker and Blackjack, requires a lot of strategy in order for a player to win. Discerning which hands to complete and what tiles to keep or discard are keys to winning at Mahjiang.

Luck may, at times, be a factor too, especially when you luckily draw a much needed tile from the wall. Still, sound and solid Mahjiang strategies make consistent winner.

Here are useful Mahjiang strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning at Mahjiang.

Evaluate Your Tiles
At the start of each game and as soon as you get all of your tiles from the wall, carefully evaluate your tiles to see which hands are already formed and how many tiles are still needed to form certain hands. As a rule, always go for the shortest route. Try to complete the hands that need the least number of tiles.

Keep It Simple
Mahjiang novices usually fall into the trap of forming as many hands as possible. Just keep it simple.

Don't Meld Too Much
Don't grab all the discards that make your hands. At first, melding "chows," "pungs" and "kongs" may seem like a good idea but it gives the other players more insight into your hand. They will learn more about your hand from the melds coupled with your discards than from the discards alone.

As a rule, take discarded tiles only if you have a clear plan of "going out," making sure that the tile you're melding is of some use in getting there.

Discard Cautiously
It's always exciting to "go out" via a "chow," "pung" or "kung." But it's frustrating if you're the one who discarded the tile that won it for the other player. So discard your tiles cautiously! After several draws, you should be able to infer which hand the other players are trying to complete. As much as possible, try not to discard the tile that wins it for the other players.

Be Flexible
After several draws and you still haven't drawn the tile (or tiles) that complete your hand, be flexible and try to form other hands. Remember, as the game progresses and more tiles are drawn and discarded, the lesser the chance that you'll draw your winning tile.

Be Aware of Discards
As the game moves forward, keep an eye on the discarded tiles, not just of the player before you, but of the other players as well. You surely wouldn't want to keep on waiting for a dead tile.

Lucky Tiles
Certain players consider certain tiles as lucky, and keep them through out the game. But a lucky can't be considered as lucky if it does not help you complete your hand. Remember to keep luck tiles only if it clearly helps you to "go out."

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